Bad People and Good Carrots - A Ten Minute Play

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1. Carrots Contain Beta-Carotene

The amount of ink I used for that was absurd! Be considerate! Hi Bobbie!

I had no idea it was taking an entire page to print the photo. I was in no way trying to be inconsiderate. I sincerely apologize. I do appreciate your kindness in pointing out the issue. I will certainly work on fixing the issue. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Approximately 40 minutes baking?

I know oven temps vary. Also, will be adding raisins too, to the batter! Hi Karen! Yes approximately minutes.

Spicy Carrot and Spinach Latkes

It could lean more towards 50 with two 8 inch rather than 3 layers. I will caution to watch how full you fill the pans. Nothing worse than cleaning up burnt cake droppings! I just have non-raisin loving birds at this nest! Thanks for stopping by. Anyone can answer it. Hi Michele. No it will not change one thing! You can make it without Nuts and it will turn out fantastic! Have a Happy Easter and a Great day!

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How much do I fill each pan with the batter? Thank you and this looks delicious!!

10 Minute Play Festival: Drugs Are Bad

Hi Thalia! Not a dumb question at all! So if you ask me.. SMART question! You may have more batter than will fit into two pans. If so make a few cupcakes! Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing My Nest with me! Hi Norine, one last question! Cake flour. Doable with this recipe? If so, any alteration to the recipe if using it? Ask as many questions as you want! Cake flour has less protein in it than All-purpose flour so they do not weigh the same.

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Example…One cup of AP flour weighs 4. So a good rule of thumb, that I have read, is to add 2 Tablespoons of Cake Flour to every cup of all-purpose flour.

World’s Best Carrot Cake

Hope this helps you out! Thanks for stopping by my Nest! How long should I bake the cupcakes? Hi Lorraine! Love the idea of guests being able to take their dessert with them! This makes amazing cupcakes.

Hi Norine, I am back! Had to let you know the cakes are cooling on the counter. Look beautiful! Just want to let you know I use parchment paper on the bottoms of the pans; sprayed Pam on the bottom, added the paper, then spray the entire pan again with the Pam. The cakes came right out!!! Happy Easter! I am so excited how great your cakes are turning out. I love lining the bottom of the pans with parchment paper.

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I was kind of waiting to hear how they would taste in the cake…next time! Hi Norene, Just love your carrot cake but wanted to put in a 9X Is that possible and how long would I bake it. Thank you! Hi Carol! Yes it is totally possible to bake the cake in a 9 x 13 pan. Check it at 40 minutes. If not give it a few more minutes and check again. Have a Wonderful Easter with those you love! Norine soy de Aguascalientes, Ags. Hola Viviana! Uno es aceite vegetal … aceite de cocina.

La otra es para el suero de leche. Espero que esto ayude. I made this cake for Easter and it was perfection plus, thanks for sharing.

The Carrot or Stick? Conventional Wisdom May be Wrong

I made two, 9 inch pans and the amount of batter was just right and then decorated it — very delicious. Hi Bernice! As I was reading the comments someone mentioned wanting to add raisins to this recipe. It just so happens that years ago I tried a cake recipe that included raisins and also crushed pineapple. I used a small amount of the pineapple juice to soak the raisins in before adding to the batter.

The juice made the raisins plump right up and added to their flavor. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful recipes. Hi Susan!

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I can imagine how delicious that was. Truly inspiring. I love it! I just love making new friends who love to cook as much as I do. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Thank you for sharing, maybe, with your help, I will have finally cracked the code!! Seriously, for YEARS I have been searching carrot cake recipes in a vain attempt to copy her cake my Pinterest desserts board is littered with numerous different carrot cake recipes, none quite right.

Hi Annie! If your friend has a better carrot cake recipe than this one…I want it too! Buttermilk is always a plus in cake making…takes the moistness factor up by a good 10 points! Have a Great weekend and remember to keep me posted! I have been so giddy all day to have finally found the one!!!

Moist, delicious, and all of the extra ingredients that make carrot cake so yummy! So ridiculously excited about this!!! Oh Annie!