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Review Our Score. British cinema produced many fine prisoner-of-war movies, but this, made within a year of the liberation of the camps, is one of the best. Perhaps the most notable thing about the production is the almost documentary-like re-creation of the boredom, frustration and claustrophobia of stalag life.

Basil Dearden's meticulous direction keeps melodrama at bay, but the real power of the piece comes from the performance of Michael Redgrave, who is superb as the frightened Czech whose deceptions arouse the suspicions of friend and foe alike. Summary A concentration camp escapee assumes the identity of a dead British captain, only to be captured by German forces in the aftermath of Dunkirk. To help maintain the deception while being held as a prisoner of war, he begins a correspondence with the real officer's widow.

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Celia Mitchell Rachel Kempson. Mr Mowbray Frederick Leister. Private Evans Mervyn Johns. Mrs Evans Rachel Thomas. Corporal Horsfall Jack Warner.

Captive Heart

Mrs Horsfall Gladys Henson. Prior to the war, Mitchell had abandoned his wife and their two children, but the letters rekindle Celia's love. After their escape tunnel is discovered, the prisoners resign themselves to a long stay. The official compliments him on his nearly perfect German and seems to recognise him, but cannot quite place him. A plan to save him is devised without his knowledge.

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Private Mathews Jimmy Hanley , a burglar in civilian life, breaks into the Kommandant's office late at night with two other men. They find the list of those to be repatriated and replace Mathews's own name with Mitchell's. He goes to see Celia. He breaks the news of her husband's death and that he has grown to love her.

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After she recovers, she begins rereading his letters and realises that she has come to love the writer. One of the locations used was the ex-naval prisoner of war camp Marlag , near Westertimke , which had remained largely intact after the end of the war the previous year.

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According to trade papers, the film was a "notable box office attraction" at the British box office in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Captive Heart Original British quad film poster.

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Ealing Studios. Michael Redgrave as Capt. Mowbray Mervyn Johns as Pte. McDougall Derek Bond as Lieut.

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