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Our Own Half-Arsed Anarchist Chapbook, Volume 1

Retrieved 11 June Kentucky: Accents Publishing. Retrieved 10 June The Sounding Machine. City of Small Fires. Hysterical Books.

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Imaginary Friend Press. Finishing Line Press. Paine, Patty; Touati, Samia eds. Ithaca Press. February Firstly, it makes us think about right and wrong. Considering it in the context of 'wrongdoing', we are stimulated to think just what is involved in such a flexible term even though we probably hear it used on the radio on a daily basis.

The concept of 'wrongdoing' encompasses not just crime, but takes us into the area of the moral understanding of right and wrong, the transgression of social norms, and religious concepts of sin. The sueltos open up the potential for thinking about this broad topic, and to consider the social and cultural responses it has elicited over time.

Such responses include anxiety, the desire for retribution, and the ways in which the reader or spectator might identify with or decide to stand apart from perpetrators or victims. Most of all it raises the question of why we are interested in a type of culture that tends to specialize in the shocking or the unsavoury, or why, as cultural consumers, we take a type of pleasure in the wrongdoing of others. There is a second major question: how far does this material represent what is 'real', and how far does it consist of the work of the imagination?

There is a distinct lack of information about the historical reality or otherwise of the people and events who appear in the sueltos.

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Even when they are given names and place of birth, and even when dates are given for the events recounted, such information is no guarantee of historical reality. But they constitute a cultural reality: this is what people read about.

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This is what they had instead of cheap newspapers, or reality TV. As with the media today, images are used to attract attention. The striking image shown here, of a collection of animals attacking a person sex unclear , holds our attention because of its graphic and grisly detail. It reflects what will be the moral punchline of the story it accompanies, that of the 'unfortunate' Teresa, whose lack of charity to Christ who appeared at the door in the guise of a pauper led to her violent death.

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It would appear this story was something of an urban myth: but it is only possible to conclude it by having access to the many and somewhat varied versions of the narrative. A first glimpse of this material is available through two exhibitions. Its narrative follows a type of life-cycle of wrongdoing, from education to in some cases execution. In December only, Newfound accepts unsolicited chapbook-length manuscripts from writers who have not yet published a full-length book. Our open submission period aims to advance the careers of emerging writers by printing their work in beautiful, hand-bound editions.

Submissions are open to finalists, but not winners of Newfound prizes. One chapbook per year is selected by Newfound staff.

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For details, visit the submission page. The Newfound Prose Prize is awarded annually to a chapbook-length work of exceptional fiction or creative nonfiction. The work may be in the form of a long story or essay or a collection of short pieces 60 pages max.