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Deception Past made you think about society, history, and the tendency we as humans have of deceiving ourselves throughout our life. It covers birth, death, and reincarnation, leaving one wondering about life, death, and our purpose here on this earth. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is interested in human nature or just interesting thoughts.

Kudos to Ms. Format: Kindle Edition. The dream about the house with the black cloud was vague and what preceded and followed it changed each time, but the other nightmare was a vivid memory that repeated itself exactly the same way each time. She was in an adult body, naked and being dragged by men in black uniforms toward a brick building. To the right of it next to the wall was where they let go of her, and she sank to her knees onto the ground with her head tucked under her body.

There was a loud bang. She felt even more pain searing through her upper body and neck, and she knew she'd been shot from behind, but she was still conscious.

Then the uniformed men picked her up and carried her into the brick building toward the left side of the room. It was a room with the ovens. She was born to normal, southern parents who showed very little affection between themselves much less Sand and her older brother Jody. Due to her mother being Catholic, she attended the local Catholic school and live went on smoothly, but the times were on the verge of changing. At the early age four Sand would dream of living in another life during another time. For most of her life she had no idea of what could possibly be causing this disturbing dream.

As Sand will later learn, her dreams seem to follow the life of Nadia Narim who was arrested in by the Nazis. Could she possibly have been reincarnated?

I'll let you be the judge of that. Being born as a baby-boomer, Sand grew up with many changes going on throughout, not just America and the south but throughout the world. She lived through segregation in the schools, Alabama governor Wallace being shot, Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination, the Viet Nam war, and even a few disasters involving the race to the moon.

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What made Deception Past so interesting to me was that I too lived through these times and events. Reading Deception Past was like reading the "cliff notes" of American history from to I found myself pausing with each new occurrence to remember where I was and what I was doing at that time. It was a sometimes very enjoyable sometimes not so enjoyable walk down history lane for me. If you're a baby-boomer, like myself, I feel sure you will enjoy following the life of Sand, her family and friends as they travel through this time period in history.

I have no doubt that you too will be sent down a road of memory. If you aren't a baby-boomer, give our history a try to see how it stacks up with your own. I personally found that I enjoyed the spanned time-frame with historic events and Sand's view on them. It opens in the present in the year of to set up the events that begin in , beginning the story of Sand Sandy when she is four years old.

Maiden of Deception Past Guardian of Her Samish People

Entries go back to the current time with Brenda, then back in time to Sand. They also touch back even further in time with Sand's dreams, and those identities that the characters embrace. It was very interesting to see how the paths crossed and the past caught up to the present and the effects. While reading, it was interesting for me to see how I felt a bond with Sand on her view of the world. She seems to follow her own heart and mind and refuses to allow those in her life influence her. She is open with her thoughts and ideas with a few select friends, but only to a degree.

The symbolism is quite apparent throughout the tale, and not just with what each Major Arana of the Tarot represents for each chapter. There are awareness lessons that can be learned and applied by the reader in daily life if they so choose to see them. I found that I was very involved in this story as I was searching to connect the dots of the past and to see if peace within could be attained for the characters.

A very great story that sweeps you along the way.

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