Financial Econometrics: From Basics to Advanced Modeling Techniques

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Care has been taken to link theory and application to provide real-world context for students. Worked exercises and empirical examples have also been included to make sure complicated concepts are solidly explained and understood. The book is very well structured and easy to follow. Broad and self-contained, it provides a masterful treatment of classic and modern financial econometrics.

Financial Econometrics

An easy-to-read presentation of models, methods, and empirical applications takes the reader through an array of highly relevant topics ranging from return predictability to tail estimation. It strikes a perfect balance between finance and econometrics. I strongly recommend the book for anyone interested in financial econometrics. The book provides a comprehensive treatment of numerous recent developments that are not yet covered by existing texts, including those in up-to-date empirical regularities, market microstructure and multifactor models.

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Students will also find the included software routines particularly useful for research projects. This is a book written by a world leading scholar in the area. It is well suited for advanced undergraduate and graduate level courses on financial econometrics.

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I am looking forward to using it for my own teaching and research in the coming years. Introduction and background 2. Econometric background 3. Return predictability and the efficient markets hypothesis 4. Robust tests and tests of nonlinear predictability of returns 5.

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Empirical market microstructure 6. Event study analysis 7. Portfolio choice and testing the capital asset pricing model 8. Multifactor pricing models 9. Present value relations Intertemporal equilibrium pricing Volatility Continuous time processes Yield curve Risk management and tail estimation Exercises and complements Back to resources home.

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If you are having problems accessing these resources please contact lecturers cambridge. He obtained his Ph. He has written more than a hundred articles on econometrics, statistics, and empirical finance. He has been a Co-editor at the Journal of Econometrics since This title is available for institutional purchase via Cambridge Core. British Actuarial Journal contains the papers presented to the sessional research programme of the Institute and…. Econometric Theory provides an authoritative outlet for original contributions in all of the major areas of econometrics.

ASTIN Bulletin publishes papers that are relevant to any branch of actuarial science and insurance mathematics.

Econometric model building - general to specific

Please register or sign in to request access. Wang, Peijie, Quantitative methods in economics : an introduction to statistical inference, estimation and modelling. Cuddy, J. Empirische Forschungsmethoden : mit 53 Tabellen. Stier, Winfried, Momentum strategies based on reward-risk stock selection criteria. The basics of financial econometrics : tools, concepts, and asset management applications. Fabozzi, Frank J. Probability and statistics for finance.

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Open Access only. Financial econometrics : from basics to advanced modeling techniques Svetlozar T. Rachev; Stefan Mittnik; Frank J. Fabozzi; Sergio M. Saved in:. Check Google Scholar More access options.

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