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Securities industry rules require companies disclose cyber breaches to investors and the SEC has investigated firms over whether they should have reported incidents sooner.

The lack of details from the SEC about the breach will likely raise questions about what other EDGAR data may have been exposed, such as information related to ongoing financial investigations and sensitive personal information, Rossi said. The U. N , prompting a brief surge in the stock of the beauty products company.

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Hacking the Street? FIN4 Likely Playing the Market

Cyber Risk. Sarah N. Lynch , Dustin Volz. This resistance looks a lot like a hacker subculture.

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Members live underground to avoid video surveillance, tinker with old machinery, and build remote-controlled graffiti machines in order to spread their message. The heist at the heart of this movie hinges on a hack to take control of the traffic lights of Los Angeles, which the thieving protagonists use to create accidents and traffic jams that force a targeted vehicle to take an alternate route.

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  • The movie made hacking look fun and playful and exciting, as well as incredibly effective, and did us all a public service by raising awareness of the potential vulnerabilities of online infrastructure. Alan Turing has near-mythical status in the tech world, thanks to both his code-breaking work and his theoretical framing of a test for computer intelligence—now known as a Turing test.

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    Making that feel miraculous is no mean feat at a time when most moviegoers can fit a more powerful computer into their hands or pockets. But what makes that moment profound is how Turing and his colleagues are forced to immediately wrestle with its consequences.

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    While their initial instinct is to call in an attack that will save civilian lives, Turing points out that an attack would alert the Nazis to the fact that their code has been broken. To protect their access to Enigma transmissions, the team must stand by while the civilians are slaughtered. As the hacker on an all-female team of would-be jewel thieves, Nine Ball played by Rihanna is charged with getting a map of the security system at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    From the agonizingly long wait for a CD-ROM to load, to the brief glimpse of an Alta Vista web search yes, there was web search before Google , the movie took me right back to the days when every single online experience seemed like a mind-boggling miracle. Being a female tech nerd in was a bit like being a talking dog: My tech skills so disconcerted certain geek guys that it was sometimes easier to let tech salesmen talk down to me than to convince them I actually knew what a router was.

    While Danvers watches without comment, Fury uses a piece of tape to lift a fingerprint, which he uses to release a biometric lock.

    When the pair encounter their next locked door, Fury realizes he should have kept his fingerprint tape intact. Ah, the joys of an arm that doubles as a laser blaster. If only the tech sales bros of the s had been equivalently impressed by my ability to install my own Ethernet network.

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