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Now, with the recent injury to the Undertaker due to Mysterio's knee brace, Kane has finally been given a good storyline and a much-needed push.

In the past few months, Kane has been shown completely out of character, from being part of a promo with Triple H and Macgruber to being a friendly tag team partner to Mysterio, but with a vow of cruel vengeance never before seen and to send the person responsible to hell, it seems that the sadistic monster of the past is back. Of course, the Big Red Machine wasn't able to end the show on the same high note that he started it with, losing yet again to Rey Mysterio in a battle royal to determine who would take the Undertaker's vacated spot at Fatal Fourway kind of odd that the guy who injured the Undertaker would get his spot, isn't it?

But that does not mean his crusade for vengeance has ended short.

What Are Your Feelings About Hellfire and Brimstone Preaching?

If anything, Mysterio looks even more guilty than before, which means that Kane may continue to go after him. Even if Rey didn't do it, Kane may still be able to redeem himself against the high flyer and then he will move on to the next victim, and possibly a championship. More good news about this storyline is its edginess. This could not have happened at a better time for the WWE as many people are growing tired of its PG rating and unoriginal stories. Of course, the WWE has failed to capitalize on bringing back some Attitude-era edginess, like the once again late ECW and of course Kane's ECW championship reign where he promised to be more extreme than anyone has ever seen before.

See, for example, William V. Crockett, ed.

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Peterson, eds. Peterson, What Is Hell?

For a fuller treatment of these themes, see Christopher W. Christopher W. Peterson; Grand Rapids: Zondervan, , —51, — John F. William V. Crockett; Counterpoint; Grand Rapids: Zondervan, , Carson, How Long, O Lord? Reflections on Suffering and Evil 2nd ed.

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Sinclair B. Peterson; Grand Rapids: Zondervan, , — John T.

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Book Review: Encouragement, by Mark Chanski. Article God justly punishes people as retribution for their moral crimes against him. Hell is not even close to a big party.

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Jesus teaches that it would be better to cut off your hand or foot or to tear out your eye than to use them to sin and consequently suffer the just penalty in hell Matt. Hell is the place where God banishes rebels from his kingdom once and for all. Nothing on earth hurts like hell.

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The severe conscious punishment in hell hurts physically, emotionally, and mentally. It lasts forever and ever. It never ever ends. Some argue that traditional Christian conceptions of hell are a product of Roman and pagan myths.

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Some think that the descriptions are literal, meaning that the darkness, fire, and suffering are actual darkness, fire, and suffering. Others say that some or all of the descriptions are metaphorical in the sense that the darkness, fire, and suffering may not be actual darkness, fire, and suffering.

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Charles Spurgeon preached, Now, do not begin telling me that that is metaphorical fire: who cares for that? By Andy Naselli.