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Close Search by Category. Community Blog Really? Its been fun 1 0. Facebook Twitter Share. Ruth Newell March 11, p. Always back to the source, in or out of love.

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Nice poetry. Add photo. LMAO--You sweet, sweet man. Funny--LC-I would have pegged this as a man's poem. I found it to be very rich and wished for some better texture with the addition of vegetables there was only a small amount of soft braised leeks underneath all that protein and the flavor profile screamed for acid.

A little lime or lemon juice would have cut through the richness of the ingredients and heightened the flavor of just about everything. The short ribs were very chewy and could have used more cooking time and some moisture or braising liquid.

I did like that he grilled them, it added a nice charred flavor, and the romesco was very tasty. But for me the dish was not complete, lacking in any other garnish other than a few sauteed pieces of mushroom a creamy taro or Hawaiian sweet potato puree would've been nice. His dessert was absolutely delicious. They serve the fried bay leaves at Casa Mono with a creme brulee. His take on it was very creative and was the one dish that best utilized the beautiful products of the farmer's market.

Goodbye Hudson. It's Been Fun.

It was a combination of sweet and tart fruits: tangelo soup, surinam cherry sorbet, dragonfruit, mango, and papaya, with the avocado added for creaminess, which I thought was genius. All in all, he created a very nice menu his first tasting menu ever, to be exact , and the judges responded well to most of it. Next was Marcel. He took a lot of risks and eventually lost because of his inexperience with certain techniques.

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His menu writing skills need some work too. His first dish was visually beautiful. However, it was very aggressive in flavor and left quite the aftertaste I could only have two spoonfuls before I had to put it down. The salad debacle left me scratching my head. The technique that he was trying to use with the isomalt was one he had found out about only several weeks before, when he attended Spain's 10 here in NYC. It is a technique that renowned pastry chef Paco Torreblanca had demonstrated to an audience of Even if the encapsulated vinaigrette had worked, it was still just a salad, weaker in flavor than the first dish, and it really had no place on the menu at all.

When he realized they had forgotten the kampachi, things took a turn for the worse. He bit his tongue to prevent blaming Mike and Sam for the error, but then again, Mike is right; Marcel should have triple checked everything before leaving the Water's Edge kitchen. Sam gamely got Marcel refocused and the outcome was a phenomenal dish of poached hearts of palm with matsutake mushrooms, seabeans, and a kaffir lime and coconut sauce that left me begging for more.

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I thought his beef dish was good and nicely plated, his take on steak frites with the crispy taro ball. The dessert was interesting. The Kona coffee caviar is achieved by mixing the coffee with sodium alginate. When dropped into a solution of calcium chloride and water, soft liquid pearls form, sort of like salmon roe. What I didn't understand was why he didn't pile tons of the caviar on the dish. Cycling can be peaceful and easy.

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Challenging and difficult. Clean and messy. Just like life, huh? And just like owning a bike shop. This transition will be a good thing going forward. I am happy to hear you found another geek bicyclist to take over but most importantly I am happy to hear Nick is staying on! Nick is an outstanding person, salesmen and an all around great guy!