Job Satisfaction: Fact or Fiction: Are you satisfied with your job?

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Beyond the increase in job satisfaction noted above, here are some other highlights:.

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They now have more leverage when it comes to increasing their paychecks and finding jobs that better align with their interests and skills. So what makes for a satisfied employee?

In other words, which aspects are the strongest drivers with the most weight and pull? The Conference Board came up with the following takeaways:. Despite reports about workers experiencing more stressful, sometimes longer commutes, travel to and from work generally plays a minimal role in influencing overall job satisfaction, according to the survey's results.

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Actions for consideration. To improve the strongest drivers and influencers of overall job satisfaction, those responsible for maintaining employee satisfaction at their organizations should consider the following actions, according to The Conference Board:.

Worker's Attitude and Job Satisfaction

The drivers of job satisfaction differ among men and women. Is the year Pa. Raising the minimum wage in increments is best Opinion. The largest non-government employers in Pa.

Job Satisfaction & Dissatisfaction

Another large state employee union ratifies four-year contract with guaranteed raises every year. Many Pa. Research suggests that people with little or no control in their job, regardless of the level, will be unsatisfied and stressed at work. Support Employees want to know that their employers care about them. Not necessarily that your manager is going to cry with you when your goldfish dies but that you will be rewarded for your contribution to the organisation. This can be translated through things like additional benefits to your remuneration package such as health insurance or performance bonuses.

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Not only is it the case of whether or not the organisation is genuinely being supportive, but its whether they are being perceived as being supportive. Achievement People will feel greater satisfaction with their job if they have worked towards an achievement.

Are you satisfied with your job?

Some jobs provide more milestones than others and it can sometimes blur the lines when it comes to understanding if you are making a contribution or not. Feedback People love to hear about themselves and a lot will need reassurance that they are doing the right thing in their job.

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At the other end of the spectrum, positive feedback will add to satisfaction as sometimes no news can be bad news. Minor hassles Something that might seem inferior in comparison to having to perform a triple heart bypass, sentence someone to life in Prison or hit your sales targets : administration.

It can be somewhat surprising to hear that a lot of employees frustrations are aimed at such a vital function and this plays a fundamental part of their daily hassles.

The Importance of Knowing Your Learning Style

This being potentially the easiest to combat from an employers perspective and will address issues surrounding job satisfaction. Complexity and variety Generally people are more satisfied with their jobs if they are more varied and complex. The truth is that employers need to take a look at other factors too in order to truly improve job satisfaction among their employees. Posted by: Alexander Daniels 31 January Whilst it is not the case that everyone feels dissatisfaction in their job here are 7 attributes that psychologists regularly come across: 1.