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Knowing that she alone can protect her sister from the Baron Harwood, their lecherous stepfather, Victoria Temple Whiting snatches the family's heirloom necklace, believed to hold the power A shattering romantic suspense set in the remote Yukon territory, where true darkness exists in the heart of a ruthless killer who won't let anything come between him and perfect, deadly vengeance. Vermillion Lee Durant is well versed in the art of seduction and determined to remain loyal to the destiny she was born to fulfill.

But to Captain Caleb Tanner, a British officer hunting a spy who has been leaking information to the French, she may b The London ton is abuzz with the latest scandal. Jillian Whitney, well-born but penniless, has been living under the roof of a wealthy nobleman old enough to be her father. When Adam Hawthorne, the mysterious Earl of Blackwood, meets the lovely rebel An unwilling passenger on a boat carrying deadly ca Glittering ballrooms and candlelit boudoirs of Regency-era England -- a novel of seduction and secrets, and breathtaking romance.

Kassandra "Kitt" Wentworth was no ordinary young woman.

Headstrong and rebellious, this daughter of a viscount had n An innocent woman. An accomplished rogue. Love wasn't part of the bargain His name is Chance McLain. Wildly good-looking, superbly confident, he's everything Kate Rollins doesn't want when she lands in Lost Peak, Montana.

She's come to change her life, to heal her child, to find He was a nobleman. She was a commoner. It was the perfect recipe for perfect sin. But Randall Clayton, 7th Duke of Beldon, harbors a hidden motive for seducing the fiery haired, passionate Caitlin Harmon Her only escape is to stow away in the ca When Elissa Tauber learns of her beloved brother's murder and that her native homeland is threatened, she is determined to expose the traitor.

Posing as a recently widowed countess, she moves through the glittering world of the court, willing to bart Despite having been on opposite sides of the war, Yankee doctor Josh Coltrane is unprepared for the continued bitterness of long-lost love Angel Summers. Can these two former sweethearts learn to forgive and forget the past? Lovely Velvet Moran has renounced all thoughts of love.

To save her family from ruin, she will wed the hard-faced Duke of Ca Jessica Fox wasn't always the beautiful, composed young woman who is the toast of the London ton. Born in poverty, Jessica wandered the streets until fate found her a guardian in the aging Marquess of Belmore. Now, it is fate she tempts with her long As soon as the tall, handsome Spaniard leaned down from his stallion to offer her a rose, Caralee McConnell knew California held danger.

But all too quickly she was forced to den Saxon beauty Caryn of Iversham longed to escape the chill gray cloisters of the convent to which she'd fled -- but not in marriage to the towering, feared Raolfe de Gere, the Norman knight they called Ral the But Priscilla Wills hadn't counted on the gunfight -- or the gunfighter -- who would change her life: the tall, broad-shouldere With her cascading raven curls and sleek, sinewy curves, Jocelyn Asbury was a woman any man would want.

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And Rayn Despite her disguise as Silver Jones, tavern maid, Lady Selena Hardwick-Jones was captured by bounty hunters combing the Georgia coast for the runaway with hair pale as spun silver and eyes like soft brown velvet. Forced o But he was also a dark-eyed, half-gypsy bastard When tall, handsome Dominic sees one of his Romany band whipping a beautiful, flame haired captive, he never dreams she Claire just as Fate, too, had been merciless. The once wealthy, flirtatious belle stood on the auction block to be sold as a servant.

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Her sensual figure disguised, her gloriou But against all Marriage was the last thing on his mind. Then a wealthy plantation owner invited the captain to his daughter's nineteenth birt Kat and L. Martin have announced the re-release of one of their most popular novels, the only novel they've written as a team, Tin Angel. Henry Taggart had gone to San Francisco several years prior to and had built up Taggart Enterprises, whic Beautiful Molly James had her work cut out for her: to own and operate her late father's California ranch, the Lady Jay -- all by herself. Molly's Irish spirit was as bright as her flaming hair, but a young woman alone -- even one as iron-willed as M She fled a stifling existence for the glittering social whirl of California's state capital, trading childhood's innocence for a woman's burning desire.


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