Murder Under London Bridge

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His relatives have been told.

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Although we are in the early stages of the investigation we believe that an argument involving a number of men and women took place in Tower Bridge Road. This then continued in Queen Elizabeth Street where the victim subsequently died. The area around Tooley Street has a popular nightlife and I would ask that anyone who had been to a club in the area and may have witnessed the assault to contact us. A number of night buses also use this route and it is possible that someone travelling to work, or heading home, may have seen something that will assist our investigation.

The first written record of The Elephant and Castle pub was made in March , exactly years ago. Police in Southwark would like to speak to a cyclist who collided with a woman leaving her with facial injuries. The woman was walking along Abbey Street with her husband on Tuesday 14 April at around 6pm, when she was hit by a cyclist on the footpath at the junction of Tower Bridge. I would encourage anyone who recognises him to contact us immediately.

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Over the coming six weeks we'll be highlighting 10 key London seats to watch in the General Election. In the Lib Dems got almost half of the vote. But Labour are confident they can depose Simon Hughes - who's been the MP there for more than three decades. London Southwark. ITV Report. Detectives investigating the murder of a man in Southwark have arrested two more people.

A year-old man was arrested today on suspicion of murder and is currently in custody.

Footage shows police shooting London attackers dead

A post-mortem examination is scheduled to take place today. He woke up the morning after. He was taken to the Globe Tavern and was initially treated by a doctor called Jack and has expressed to the Coroner that he would like to thank him.

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He was made aware at this point that he had been involved in a terror attack. I was still concsious. I could feel something liquid, hot and sticky on my head. I looked down at my hands and they were covered in blood. He then heard what he thought was fireworks in rapid quick succession.

New clues found to unsolved murder of 'God's banker' found hanging 34 years ago

He put his hands behind his head. I could only think that they were going for my throat. I rememebr seeing 2 more people coming towards me. I felt i was being pushed around and found myself on the ground curled up. What are you doing? I felt a blow on my head. At first I thought it was a bottle I had no idea it was a knife. I just turned away breifly and I raised my right hand in defence. He came towards me at a fast pace. I saw him staring at me moving towards me.

As he headed towards Stony St he passed the Southwark Tavern. They the attackers were in an area with many shadows. Filis was at a pub watching the Champions League final and left just before the end of the match. He went home briefly then out again to meet his girlfriend who is now his wife, after she had finished work at another nearby pub. Antonio Filis is the next witness to give evidence. He was the last victim to be stabbed by the attackers before armed police shot the attackers. Inquests adjourned until The attackers were shot and he saw one of the suspects moving and another who was still.

He ran towards one of the attackers who had been shot in an attempt to cuff him as he believed him to be wearing a bomb but was ordered to get back. When the armed response vehicle arrived, he intially told what he thought was a member of the public to get back. He joined his colleagues on Stony St and saw the attackers. He could tell one of them was armed. I didnt think what they were doing was real.

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I was scared. PC Iian Rae now giving evidence. He joined PC Andrews on the night. He got a call about accident and then reports of stabbings. He pulled up at the Globe pub. Saw collegaues treating someone with stab injuires. Butt started running towards the armed officer at some speed.

He had his hands raised in a threatening manner. He was shot several times. PC Andrews didnt see the other attackers being shot but heard the gunfire. They moved forward. It pulled in a slight angle, and the armed ooficer from the passenger side emerged.


CAD log shows that Andrews requested urgent assistance at They then turned round to go and find them again. Looked into Stony street. Butt was walking around and the other two were further down. They were stabbing a man repeatedly - Antonio Filis. They started to run towards us.

He saw his colleague was bleeding from his head after something was thrown at him. They then lost sight and realised they might have turned back the other way. Jury shown images of attackers as they walked towards PC Andrews and his colleagues. They stopped short of them around m away.