One Act Play Part 1

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A Pastor’s Tale – The True Story of Silent Night

Synopsis A group of strangers meet in a dirty subway station. They have arrived with limited personal belongings, their watches have stopped and they all claim to be in different cities.

Soon they learn there is no way out of the station, and the unfortunate truth is told to them: they are all dead. Since subway stations have two sides, they reason the train leaving from one platform must be bound for heaven, while the train leaving from the other platform must be bound for hell.

But which platform are they on? They reflect upon their lives, recalling and confessing past deeds of which they are not proud, hoping to figure out which platform is which. Chitra - Drama. Rabindranath Tagore. Cocaine - Drama. Pendleton King.

The Cyclops - Comedy. Debit and Credit - Drama. August Strindberg. David Pinski. Echo - Drama.

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Joseph T. Enemies - Drama. Enigma - Drama. Ever Young - Drama. Alice Gerstenberg. Facing Death - Drama. Forbidden Fruit - Comedy. George Jay Smith.

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Fourteen - Comedy. The Game - Drama. Louise Bryant. The Genius - Drama. Horace Holley. Gettysburg - Drama. Percy MacKaye. Hamlet - Drama. William Shakespeare.


Helena's Husband - Comedy. Philip Moeller. Her Tongue - Comedy. Henry Arthur Jones. He Said and She Said - Comedy. His Luck - Drama. His Return - Comedy. Percival Wilde. Home - Drama. Maurice Maeterlinck. Ikuta - Drama. Zembo Motoyaso.

Chester Theatre presents one-act play festival

Ile - Drama. Eugene O'Neill. The Illuminati in Drama Libre - Drama. The Incompatibles - Comedy. The Intruder - Drama.

An Irish Engagement - Comedy. Walter Watts. King Arthur's Socks - Comedy. Legend - Drama.

Leaving U.S. Army Family and MWR

Living Hours - Drama. Arthur Schnitzler. Macbeth - Drama. A March Wind - Drama. Alice Brown. Alfred Sutro. The Master-Poisoner - Drama. Maxwell Bodenheim. A Matter of Husbands - Comedy. Ferenc Molnar.

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