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What is Hybrid Agile, Anyway?

Composite manufacture, final assembly, and flight testing is run from North Idaho, where there is plenty of empty space and diverse weather. One of our primary engineering goals is to have a modular platform that encourages design evolution of its parts without having to start over from the beginning. This mantra has resulted in a package that is easy to maintain and breaks down efficiently for transport. The HYPMED project consists of six interdependent work packages, each of which contains tasks and deliverables vital to the project's success.

HYBRID MELEE GUIDE - Project Ascension (WoW Random Ability)

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Representatives from the project's consortium got together to discuss the progress of the project towards the upcoming year. Representatives from the project's consortium traveled from all over Europe to discuss the progress of the project, as it reaches its midterm point, and to plan the next steps towards validating the technology in its upcoming clinical trial.