Stockton County Cowboys Book 3: Roping Cowboys

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Dixon pulls himself away from his art and upcoming art show to try to rein in his cowboy and future husband.

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But Toby is not about to lose Gray a second time. Gray is torn between the two men. He loves Dixon, but seeing Toby again reignited the flame he once held.

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Will he be able to choose one cowboy over the other before Dixon and Toby come to blows over him? Once inside the bedroom, we shared sloppy kisses and undressed. Gray decided to take a shower in the connecting bathroom designed in bluish quartz and different types of marble. The man enjoyed his long and hot water escapades under the spray, wasting an absorbent amount of water, which proved that each of us on the planet had our own personal vices.

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Not that such anti-green methods would prevent me from marrying the stud, of course. My love for him was unyielding, a superior find when it came to other cowboys in Stockton County. To not land the man was foolish on my part, since he was caring, thoughtful, especially aggressively in bed, and enamored me to the fullest. Gray was my rock, and to toss him away would have been detrimental for me, a true loss on my part.

And once again he proved that he was alluring and sexually desired as my future husband. Gray McKeever was top-notch beautiful in my opinion, particularly when he was fresh out of the shower, completely naked, standing just a few feet away from me, and showcasing his beefy goods for my use. His blond hair was wet and looked somewhat tarnished, and his Cancun-blue eyes were even brighter than normal.

Droplets of shower water skied down and over his built and hairless chest, but were soon wiped away with the sky blue cotton towel that he carried into the bedroom with him. And his navel was compact and glistened with shower moisture, a simple comma-shaped indentation among his rippled abs that could easily drop me to my knees in unstoppable hunger.

Stockton County Cowboys Book 3: Roping Cowboys

Below the navel was something of a spectacle and offered porn-perfect satisfaction: a thatch of blond and wet pubic triangle and his nine inches of cut dick, which was upright and ready to be toyed with. The shaft was veined and pulsing -- a mass that could easily choke me to death and add uncivilized euphoria for me at the same time. His right hand grabbed the plump fixture between his thick thighs and he gave it a simple jack.

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  • I stood next to the massive bed in my cherry red briefs, which were snug against my center and attempting to hide growing wood. He continued to jack his wand with his right hand, applying slow and satisfying motion to the veined and throbbing object between his thick thighs. In the process, his clean-shaven balls bounced up and down, which was a total turn-on for me, and offered unlimited bliss. Within seconds my briefs were removed from my body by his teeth and tongue and lips found the most sensitive places on my body for the next ten Erotic Romance.

    Do you remember him? He made you sign a promissory note.

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    You lived up to your end of the bargain. Your Uncle Grant died six months later and willed the place to you. And you have two ranch hands. You remember any of this? Your memories will be flooding back before you know it. Our faces were connected by semi-parted mouths and noses, which gently rubbed together. His tongue explored my tongue, quickly exited, and fell between my lips and teeth yet again.

    Some of my breath was lost because of his action, yet I was completely enamored by his connection, helpless against him, and under his unexpected sex-hex. I could have pushed him away, but chose not to. Instead, I relished our bodies compressed and upright together, and enjoyed a kiss that I would always remember, no matter what age surfaced in my future.

    Desire was found, and I became his plaything in the outbuilding, driven by own greed, which was a spirited and unconditional longing for his hunger to the mix with my own hunger, having the two never dissipate. There was no thunder that night except for our combined heartbeats. Neither of us were disrupted by the sound because we were occupied with our heavy kissing. Nor were we interrupted by the flashes of gold-white-yellow light, a product of the storm at hand, lightning with no thunder, but much brightness. The moment between us was far more interesting and exciting compared to the lightshow outside my comfortable abode.

    Nothing more was desired as we blended. Note: This site does not deliver digital downloads to your region or we cannot determine your location. Please choose an alternate delivery method.

    Stockton County Cowboys Box Set

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