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Favorites Saving…. Rochester Fringe is here, offering 12 days of spectacles — some of which you can participate in. The following is a comprehensive list of the rotation of food trucks that will be on site at the Spiegelgarden during each day of the Fringe, as well as those that will be serving at Parcel 5 during the two weekends of Friday and Saturday on the Fringe But if the lines for the mobile meals are too long, consider stopping in to one of the brick-and-mortar cafes and restaurants conveniently located near the main downtown Fringe areas sites.

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Spiegelgarden Tuesday, Sept. In This Guide Rochester Fringe Festival Fringe Festival Guide The eighth annual Rochester Fringe Festival kicks off Tuesday, September 10, and continuing its trend of expanding by a full day each year, has reached a stretch of 12 days.

You can find his work at www. His book, Leviathan's Ruse, can be purchased at www. Come back anytime!

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Fringe Episode 3.09 Scene - What Am I Missing?

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