The Man from Snowy River

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The film also offers plenty of more subtle surprises.

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There's a fast-moving first act, then the film slows down in its middle stretch as interpersonal relationships are fleshed out. There is a terrific dual performance from Kirk Douglas, who plays two characters: Harrison, the tetchy farm owner, and his peg-legged brother Spur. Most surprisingly, given the streams of testosterone running through The Man from Snowy River, it also has a strong feminist element.

The word's become old fashioned? George Miller not to be confused with Oz cinema's other George Miller, the director of Mad Max invests thought and empathy in depicting another kind of quintessential Australian character: determined women who, in many ways, are far stronger than the men around them.


The Man from Snowy River is perhaps best remembered for its sense of adventure. Meanwhile, the kid gets advice from the rich man's brother, a grizzled old miner also played by Douglas. It's one of those dual roles where the two characters are never quite onscreen at the same time, although sometimes you see an arm or a hat that's supposed to convince you Douglas is in two places at once.

How all of this turns out is as predictable as it is uninteresting. What's good about the movie are some scenes involving a great stallion, which leads the herds of wild horses in the Snowy River country, and which has a destiny as they say in Westerns linked to the life of the hero.

The Man from Snowy River

Will the young cowboy capture and tame the trouble-making stallion? Will he win the heart of his love? Will the cantankerous father allow his daughter to marry the man she loves? Will the old coot strike paydirt? What I thought was a little disappointing about "The Man from Snowy River" was that all of these questions are answered on such basic, unsophisticated levels.

It's as if the script was laundered for eventual use on television.

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There is, for example, real chemistry between Burlinson and Thornton, as the young lovers. But it's handled so innocently we never really feel their passion.

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