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Seventh found in search for Cyprus serial killer victims Police in Cyprus have found a seventh body during the investigation into what appears to be the Mediterranean island's first ever serial killing case. Body of Cyprus serial killer's seventh victim found A two-month search for the victims of a confessed serial killer in Cyprus came to a close when divers discovered the decomposing body in a lake. Serial killer luring women into abandoned homes in Detroit Detroit Police have identified a person of interest in the case of a potential serial killer and rapist.

More than 60 deaths now linked to US serial killer Investigators have linked more than 60 killings in at least 14 states to a year-old California inmate who may be the most prolific serial killer in US history. Accused Claremont serial killer's trial delayed as new evidence emerges Bradley Robert Edwards, who is accused of murdering three young women in the s, will not stand trial until November after a new piece of evidence came to light.

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Former nurse jailed for life after murdering 85 patients A former German nurse put patients into cardiac arrest because he enjoyed the feeling of being able to resuscitate them has been jailed for life. US man who killed 90 indicted for two more slayings A man who has confessed to killing more than 90 women across the US has been indicted today in Cleveland for the strangulation deaths of two women decades ago.

Computer finds striking similarities in Chicago cold cases The bodies turned up in some of Chicago's most derelict places: alleys, abandoned buildings, weed-choked lots and garbage containers.

Ghostly and unrecognisable, Ivan Milat begins final journey Footage of the transfer shows a gaunt, white-haired Milat sitting in a wheelchair and surrounded by officers. Serial killer Ivan Milat disagnosed with terminal cancer Serial killer Ivan Milat has been disagnosed with terminal cancer after being transferred from NSW's highest security prison to a Sydney hospital for medical tests.

Justice Minister resigns amid Cyprus 'serial killer' investigation A detained Cypriot army captain has allegedly admitted to killing seven foreign women and girls but he has not been named because he has not yet been formally charged.

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Snowtown families fear: 'He will kill again' The families of those brutally murdered by Robert Wagner, fear the Snowtown serial killer will strike again if his wish to one day be released from prison is granted. How serial killer won 'Dating Game' amid murder spree An American serial killer who may have slain more than women became so bold he appeared on a popular TV dating show while at the peak of his bloodthirsty search for victims. Why Ted Bundy broke grisly pattern to slay three pre-teen girls Serial killer Ted Bundy had a type, yet on three unique occasions he would break his grisly pattern of sex slayings.

Serial killer Santa admits killing eight A serial killer who preyed on men before burying their bodies in potted plants has pleaded guilty to eight counts of first-degree murder. How 'dark, handsome' formidable serial killer hid in plain sight As the clock ticked past 7am on the morning of January 24 in , a surge of volts ended the life of evil serial killer Ted Bundy. In many cases, the killings are thought to give murderers a feeling of power—which may or may not be sexual in nature—over their victims.

Typical victims have included women, migrants, prostitutes, children, homosexuals, and vagrants. Serial murderers have attracted immense attention in popular culture , partly because they are perceived as personifications of evil. Serial murder has occurred throughout history. One of the earliest documented cases involved Locusta, a Roman woman hired by Agrippina the Younger , the mother of Nero , to poison several members of the imperial family; Locusta was executed in 69 ce.

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Serial murders also were documented in medieval England , Germany , Hungary, and Italy. The French baron Gilles de Rais , who is the likely model of the character Bluebeard , was executed in the 15th century for the murder of more than children, though it is open to question whether the charges against him were true. Although it is likely that serial murder in Asia and other parts of the world has a similarly long history, documentary evidence of early examples is scarce and controversial. The known incidence of serial murder increased dramatically in the early 19th century, particularly in Europe, though this development has been attributed to advances in law-enforcement techniques and increased news coverage rather than to an actual rise in the number of occurrences.

Serial murderers of the early 19th century included a German woman who poisoned more than a dozen people; the Irish-born William Burke and William Hare , who killed at least 15 people in Scotland in the s; and an Austrian woman who reportedly fed children to her family. The most famous case of serial murder in the 19th century was that of Jack the Ripper , who killed at least five women in London in In the 20th century, cases of serial murder received widespread coverage in the news media. Their crimes, which both horrified and fascinated the public, raised numerous social and legal issues, such as the tendency of police to be less thorough in murder investigations when the victims were poor or of low social status.

In the United States, Ted Bundy killed more than 25 girls and young women between and , and Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 boys and young men, most of them in the late s.

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In the 20th century the subject of serial murder inspired countless popular novels, becoming a virtual subgenre of crime literature by the s. Films about serial killers became reliable box-office draws and ranged from the critically acclaimed to the more formulaic. The former group included the disturbing expressionist drama M , The Devil Strikes at Night , Peeping Tom , Psycho , Silence of the Lambs , and Monster ; examples of the latter were Halloween and Friday the 13th Others, including some psychiatrists, have drawn the opposite conclusion, arguing that stories of this type are actually morally edifying , because they help people to see the difference between right and wrong.

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The year-old Little is serving multiple life sentences in California. He says he strangled his 93 victims, nearly all of them women. Some of his victims were on the margins of society. Many were originally deemed overdoses, or attributed to accidental or undetermined causes. Some bodies were never found.

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The FBI provided 30 drawings of some of his victims — color portraits that were drawn by Little himself in prison. They are haunting portraits, mostly of black women. The agency also provided videos taken during prison interviews with Little. He described a woman he strangled in — and how he rolled her down a slope on a desolate road. In another video, he described a victim in New Orleans.