Thérèse Philosophe (érotique) (French Edition)

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François Roustang : Socrate chaman ou philosophe ? (Les Racines du ciel)

Fragonard's career was unorthodox in that, having won acclaim as a public artist, he abruptly altered course, opting for greater independence by working for private patrons. He was born in Grasse, in the south of France, in This enabled him to spend nearly six years in Italy, the ideal preparation for a prestigious career as a history painter.

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But he did not take advantage of this opportunity, abandoned the Grand Manner, and seldom thereafter showed at the Salon. Fragonard set about meeting the demands of other patrons, many of whom were in search of sketches and paintings with an amorous and erotic content. The brilliance of these works explains why Fragonard's admirers were bewildered when he turned away from institutional art and, as one commentator put it, became "content to shine nowadays in boudoirs and dressing rooms.

He wastes his time and his talent: He makes money. These intimate scenes were not only lucrative but, as seen in the next section of the show, they also clearly suited Fragonard's skills and temperament.

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But, as Mr. Despite the come-on of the exhibition's subtitle, "Suitor and Libertine," the show and catalog make clear that Fragonard seems to have been an exemplary family man — devoted to his wife, herself a distinguished miniaturist, and their children. The Tide.

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In present day two cousins deliberately get themselves cut off by the tide. He is a bit older, around 20, experienced and dominant; she is keen and compliant but he can't just enjoy the moment and has to regiment the sexual experiment to enforce his dominance. In the extras the cameraman complains about how horrible the weather was when they were filming but the rough seas and dark skies make for a striking location and they are really beautifully captured.

If nothing else Borowczyk really knew how to capture the specialness and intensity of a sexual encounter and here he completely conveys the feeling that this is a moment that neither of them will ever forget, that will reverberate through and possibly shape the rest of their lives. Borowczyk originally wanted a very young Isabelle Adjani for the female role and she would've been perfect. In the male role he cast Fabrice Luchini who went on to be a major French actor but here comes across as an objectionable Gallic Inbetweener compendium.

RFI - L'Enfer ici-bas

Therese Philosophe. In , a young French girl who mixes religious piety with sexual fervour is locked in her room for hanging around in church after mass to play with things. To teach her the error of her ways she is confined to her room with a mucky book, various dolls and some cucumbers for company — that'll show her.

The weakest tale now looks a fairly mundane, but pleasingly nostalgic, effort at scandalising the Catholic church. Oh for the quaint simple times when the Pope was the world's most malevolent religious fanatic.

Erzsebet Bathory. In 16th Century Hungary the evil countess Bathory Paloma daughter of Pablo has her men scour the countryside for young women to bring back to her castle.

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What horrors await there? The film is oddly coy on that score: Spoiler, all we are shown is frequent showering and the girls getting hysterically animated over her luxurious lacy number. This is probably the best of the tales, the one where the opaque storytelling is most effective.

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It's lush and sensual, like a milder version of The Devils.