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Many of those changes are inspired by the new animals. As each addition was announced, students from Sheridan Elementary and Bennet Elementary schools sitting in the front rows cheered. To expand the zoo, the current main parking lot will be demolished, along with the vacated Lincoln Parks and Recreation headquarters. A new lot will expand parking by 75 percent, something frequently requested in customer surveys and focus groups. Said Gov. And this is a great example of that.

Children Watch in Horror as Tigers Eat Live Donkey at China Zoo

Love Your Zoo, a fundraising campaign involving a number of Lincoln grocery store locations and restaurants, is launching to help raise the remaining funds. There will be an area just inside the new entrance featuring an inch-deep, man-made stream. Animal lovers go to wildlife sanctuaries because they want to see animals up close and because they believe sanctuaries are in the business of taking care of animals that have nowhere else to go.

Nobody knows exactly how many exotic animals now live in captivity in the United States, though it's estimated that there are at least 5, tigers—more than exist in the wild. What is known is that many of these animals end up in wildlife sanctuaries when they become too expensive and too dangerous for their owners to keep.

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See " Wild Obsession. But there is serious disagreement about what exactly a sanctuary is and how the animals in its care should be treated.

Going To the Forest (SINGLE) - Wild Animals for Kids - Original Nursery Rhymes & Songs by ChuChu TV

Greene's close encounter with Noelle—born and bred at Dade City's Wild Things—is an example of what animal welfare activists believe is a real problem with some wildlife sanctuaries: They undermine the very mission they were meant to serve. Sanctuaries promise to take in and care for any animals that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned and to keep them for life. Sanctuaries occupy a "gray area," says Tanya Espinosa, a spokesperson for the U. Department of Agriculture. Federal law regulates the ones that, much like zoos, exhibit animals to the public.

Those are inspected at least yearly for compliance with the Animal Welfare Act : The animals must have sanitary conditions, sufficient enclosures, proper vet care, appropriate feed, and the like. However, private sanctuaries that don't exhibit animals aren't regulated by the federal government. Zoos are created specifically to exhibit animals to the public. They collect animals, taking into consideration conservation needs, the potential for scientific research, and which species the public likes best.

S.F. Zoo visitor saw 2 victims of tiger attack teasing lions

Zoos buy, sell, trade, borrow, loan out, and breed animals. Many animal welfare advocates believe that zoos, even those with scientific and educational aims, exploit animals by keeping them in captivity and exhibiting them to the public. The controversy over sanctuaries often comes down to how much the animals are used to draw in a paying public. Whether a place offers, as Dade City's Wild Things does, the chance to pet young wild animals, feed adults, or swim with young tigers, Roberts believes the practice is too dangerous for people and animals alike. Kathy Stearns, the founder of Dade City's Wild Things, vehemently disagrees, arguing that human contact, especially with young animals, is part of their training—and beneficial for an animal in captivity.

The Baby Panda at the Zoo | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Videos | PBS KIDS

Breeding wild animals, and buying and selling them, adds to the problem of unwanted animals that sanctuaries were created to solve, says Vernon Weir, director of the American Sanctuary Association ASA , another accrediting body. But when we investigated, we found out they were breeding or selling animals or using them for commercial purposes. She argues that breeding the animals, especially the tigers, is necessary for conservation.

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That argument tends to be dismissed by conservationists. Privately held tigers are too crossbred and inbred to be useful in maintaining genetically diverse subspecies, which are adapted to very different habitats, from the tropics to Russia's frozen north.

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